At Othello Nazarene Church, we are going to have an active summer! Everything starts with our big block-party-BBQ called “Come Together.” This is a new highlight of our summer that Janell Wood and her “Joy” Class started 2 years ago. Come and be a part of the joy!

 We are also doing a special week-long children’s ministry called “Summer Sports Camp” in June that will be very active and filled with the Spirit. It is this year’s VBS. If you can help, contact our church office right away, as we still need a few positions filled.

 Sometimes people ask why we alternate each year between doing VBS on our own as a church and doing it with the Community VBS. There are two reasons: The first is for our kids and their friends. When there is a community VBS, we invite and participate, and some of our church’s children attend. When we do our own VBS, more than twice as many of “our” children attend. In 2016, we had 97 come to our “Tumbleweed Gulch” VBS! As a church, we count every person because every person counts. The second reason is for our children's friends. When it is our church’s ministry, our   children seem to invite their friends more. I’m not certain why,   but I really don’t want to discourage it. {We even send teams door-to-door in our neighborhood to invite our neighbors to VBS.}

 I love VBS! I love how our church shares Jesus with our children to help families raise them in the Lord! I also love doing all kinds of things with my brothers and sisters in Christ from all the churches in Othello.