In the Pacific Northwest, we don’t usually like outsiders. So, where are you already an insider?

We get into trouble with people when we assume the right things. “Quiet people” can use their strength of listening well in building relationships.

Sharing the good news of Jesus is cooperating with the Holy Spirit and others to bring at least one pre-Christian one step closer to Jesus Christ.

Because the Bible compares it with harvesting, let’s remember that harvesting comes only after seeds are planted and we have a lot of hard work and patience.

Three steps of sharing Jesus; prayer, care, share… and repeat!

Prayer: “Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation.” (Romans 10:1, NASB)


Jason’s testimony was powerful. God brought him out of paganism and then an attempt at religious self-righteousness into a grace-filled relationship with Jesus. He preached well on Sunday about our church’s unity is in Jesus’ salvation by grace! It is accessible at our website. We also have in our office some prayer booklets for praying for our loved ones to know Jesus—you can get one if you let us know. Friends, let’s pray for everyone we know to come to a saving relationship with Jesus in Christ!

~Pastor Eric


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