We know our purpose as a church body. It was summarized nicely for us many years ago: to love others, lead them to Christ, and disciple them into Christ-like maturity. Simply

put: loving outwardly, inviting others to participate in God’s kingdom now, and seek Him together for all the blessings He has for us. The Lord gave me “Belong, Believe, and Become” as a quick-sum statement a couple months ago.

 So to get everything we need spiritually, it will require participation with our church body, inviting others on this journey, and seeking Jesus whole-heartedly in faith. Joyfully, our church grows as we grow together!

 As we fulfill this simple mission of our church, our vision is realized, including “A House of Prayer for all Nations,” “A Place of Wholeness and Healing,” “A University of the Soul.” Note the other parts of our vision below.

 I love the way our church welcomes others! Please pray for our leadership as we freshen our mission-critical communications for us all.

This is our vision in seven parts

  •  · A Home of Deep, Spiritual Companionship

  • · A House of Prayer for All Nations

  • · A Center of Holy Fire

  • · A University of the Soul

  • · A Place of Healing and Wholeness

  • · A deployment Center for the Kingdom of God

  • · A Center for Justice and Compassion