Let’s extend this metaphor into our gratitude. How about you and I look into our lives with greater clarity to see how God has blessed us? We can consider the family God has given us, our education and raising. Let’s consider our friends and chosen-loved-ones. Let’s see clearly the goodness of the area in which we live with all of its natural beauty and resources. Let’s look at our community in our wonderful nation. Let’s consider all the little surprises God grants us along the way. We have a lot to be thankful for!

At the end of a visit to the optometrist, we try on different frames to see how the glasses will make us look—what they will “say” about us, and how others will perceive us.

I believe seeing our lives with the kind of gratitude to God that He deserves always gives us an amazing “look” that requires no adjusting! Grateful people just look good, because we’re covered with the joy that comes from the knowledge of God’s love and care for us. More things to be thankful for:

Pastor Bob’s class on “Godspace” has been excellent to help us see people around us with His eyes. Pastor Bob lives this truth very well—he is always noticing people around him the way Jesus sees them. I encourage you to come give the class a try this Wednesday.

Also, we’re glad to receive Eric Shafer on the church board to complete Brian Woods’ term ending 2020. Eric has been a wholehearted servant here at Othello Nazarene Church for over a decade. Welcome on board, Eric.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! ~ Pastor Eric