I appreciate her 21 years of ministry as you do, and we are happy for her transition to the new things  Jesus has for her and Clint. Though her job has morphed and grown,  she has served as a model of Jesus’ grace. Her job became much more complicated as we set out to build a new church facility. She saw the construction of our new “Gathering Place” through to completion and assisted with the finances and legalities of it all coming together.  I appreciate her warm spirit, sacrifice, and the love of Jesus that exudes through her.

 Knowing it was a big task, we set out to find someone to fill her position. We’ve been praying about finding a new Office Manager for at least 6 months. Our hiring team, Deb DeBoer, Kate Brueske and Lois Hunt, interviewed and prayed over a number of  candidates. We found her.

 Please welcome with me our new Office Manager, Kylie Wurzer! She was raised in Warden and is eager to pick up where Emily left off. Her employment in our community has prepared her well and she is excited to work at our church. Please pray for her as she starts up and come meet her soon—we believe God will use her well. Also, we would love for you to come to her office-warming party on Feb. 7--see back page  for details. ~ Pastor Eric Depew


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