Amazingly, Jesus appeared to them, but he kept his identity a secret! A secret? If you were Jesus and had just resurrected, is that what you would do? Okay, I know—we can’t get into the mind of the risen Lord like that. But you have to admit, that’s a surprising choice!

Jesus walked along with them and did two things. First, he entered into a conversation with them. Though the Co-Creator of the world and the Savior of humanity, he could have done lots of lecturing to many large crowds. But instead he listened, suggested, and spoke humbly. In short, he taught in the best way possible—by drawing out their interest and then answering their questions.   

Jesus did something else. He took the time to explain the scriptures. Again, why would the risen Lord do this, especially as a fellow merely-human man? He could have lectured from on high, had them takes notes, and then have them repeat it verbatim to others. But as another humble, regular guy, he explained the Scriptures so they wouldunderstand.

This certainly challenges me in my conversations with people! Do I really take the time to listen and hear where the other is coming from? Do I temper my words to fit their situation, speaking for their benefit? Jesus’ amazing example inspires deeper love from me!

Jesus’ actions elevate both the Scripture we have and our interpretation of it. If explaining the Bible was so important he spent at least a quarter of Resurrection Day doing it, then the Bible is important! Seeking to understand   it together is important! Explaining what I’ve learned to my fellow believers and neighbors is important!